Account Terms

The purchase of the service on our behalf is accompanied by the acceptance of the following rules and points.

Hosting services:

1- Software affairs are entirely the responsibility of the user. We will deliver the server unmanaged, and if you ask for help to cooperate, We will provide installation and training as much as possible. (A series of widely used software saved only)

2- Carrying out any attack and scan in the network is against the rules and will cause the service to be blocked. In case of mentioning the service commitment, We will activate it on the new IP. In case of repetition, it will be deleted entirely and will not be returned. There will be no charge.

3- The user should not change the network settings; the network should always be DHCP.

4- The user is responsible for backing up all virtual and dedicated server information. In case of any software and hardware problems causing complete loss of data on the server, SRVPS is not responsible; all users can use the free FTP service for backup.

5- At the request of the virtual server user, backup of the virtual server on another server is done at a cost announced by the company and is done once every seven days.

6- In case of any problem, you should contact support and get answers to your issues and questions. You are allowed to complain anywhere if you do not receive a proper response to the situation. Otherwise, if and see any bad ads, The company’s reputation is damaged, the user service is blocked, and if necessary, the user is sued.

7- SRVPS can change the price by increasing or decreasing the provided service at any time. This rule can be made only by the user at the time of renewal. And the user can observe the rules if his service is extended or canceled.

9- Refunds can be made in conditions where our service is technically and qualitatively defective. It is entirely possible to provide the server according to the purchased service. Delivery to the user is not possible; otherwise, it is possible to cancel under any circumstances, and Refund is not a fee. (Cancellation of service and return of money in the virtual server of Singapore and Australia is not possible under any circumstances due to the unique nature of the service and the impossibility of canceling it from a foreign company. will do.)

10- The client is obliged to announce his tickets in full in Persian and complete information and necessary access for support on request in the key.

11- Using SRVPS virtual servers without prior coordination is forbidden for the game server. If you see the game server, we will cancel the service, and We will not refund the amount. Using the servers for the entire game server is prohibited. We will not reimburse each data center, and the service amount will not be refunded.

12- The use of all SRVPS servers for mining is wholly prohibited. If you see the benefit of cloud servers for mining, the service will be canceled, and the money will not be refunded.

13- Providing additional IP on all virtual servers provided is only for contracts of at least one year, and it is not possible to activate different IPs for virtual servers monthly only if the technical team approves. Is it possible to provide additional IP to the specified amount of Is the support side.

14- All virtual servers will be automatically deleted by the system after 48 hours if the invoice is not paid, and the company has no responsibility for maintaining the servers whose invoice has not been paid.

15- Primary and free server management In order to install and initial management of control panels can be done only once for each server. The control panel license cost is the user’s responsibility, and access to the root server to the user until the end of work and bring a The site is not provided. If you request access to the root server, in case of any problems or the need for any other changes, it will be included in the cost and will not be considered as free savings.

16. Sanctions and licensing laws, which include sanctions on the country and sanctions on their domain and sites and cause IP blocking, are outside the scope of SRVPS, and the user must, before installing any operating system or Check the license of the sanctions laws to ensure that no problem occurs.

17- Due to the critical currency conditions of the country, the invoices that are in USD and the services in USD of the company are allowed to be updated based on the current prices at the time of contract renewal, and if the invoice created for the user is at the previous price and the user If you have not paid, the company is allowed to increase the USD invoice based on the new prices, because the USD you pay is converted into foreign currency on a daily basis, and there are eight days at the time of your payment and invoice creation, during which time the price increases. Cash It is not possible for the company to extend the service by imposing a loss, and it is allowed to change the created invoice.

18- SRVPS is obliged to provide service with maximum stability in the network while maintaining the quality of links for all users and, in return, to create maximum security in cloud infrastructure, and therefore in case of need for security updates that lead to restart cloud servers. Freeze the server for 30 minutes out of peak network usage.

19- Services inside ASIA are fair in terms of consumed traffic and download, and upload should be 1 to 1 together, or upload should be ten times the amount of download if this mode is not set and only high download input. The link will be automatically limited to 1MB/ps on the server, and if you use the service to download and upload and send traffic or hit the tunnel, it will not be possible to serve for the next period. And suppose you see any download, upload, tunnel, torrent, and similar services during the contract period. In that case, it will cause one-sided cancellation of the contract without a Refund.
20. Rdns setting on IP in servers can be done for contracts of at least six months and up and for servers outside of from at least three months and up, and servers outside of due to sanctions imposed against Geography of In the domain and record of the announcement, there should not be any details of on the site.

21- Trial services are to check the quality of new users and are not a service sales plan and are for people who have not purchased any services from SRVPS so far. The service will be canceled if the order is given to users who already have the service or have already tested it, or order a trial service with different identities. Each person with a real identity is allowed to buy the trial service only once, and if a person with different names and forms of fraud is purchased, the service will be canceled, and the amount will not be refunded for the purchase of the trial service.
22- In cloud servers, in order to maintain the quality of users and prevent damage to the hardware and the quality of other users, each service is allowed to install the operating system five times during the month.

23- In SRVPS test services, whenever it notices a violation or non-observance of the announced rules, it immediately cancels the test service.
24- The geographical location of the services is according to the user’s purchase, and the probability of error in the delivery of the service is 0% if the location of the purchased IP server is not the same as the actual location of the server and sites such as Google or Binance and Other sites are not responsible for SRVPS because they do not use up-to-date databases of IP locations and misdiagnose them, and you should check out sites like that are much more up-to-date and service-friendly. Check the location of IPs.

SRVPS service and enforcement rules owned by CLOUDS TECHNOLOGY LTD can be changed and updated based on the new conditions; if changes are made or added to all users who have active service, email Will be because if the clause is added to the rules, all old and new users are required to comply with it.
Identity rules:

1. All users are required to enter real information, including their personal details and their real address and contact number.

2- Users who enter fake information in the user area of the company can block the services of the individual at their discretion, and it is not possible to reopen the services until the identity documents requested by the user are approved by the company, and in case the user refuses to provide Valid identity and residence documents of the offending user panel will be blocked.

3- Users who use fake and unrealistic information for the test service will be removed from the test service without any warning.
Dedicated servers.

1- We are not a representative of the data center; we are not the owner of the rack and are only the purchasing intermediary to have a safe purchase from the data centers.

2- Sometimes, data centers set new rules for no reason and service an account that is a number or, in the case of companies that have a large number of servers, that can be a sanction or anything and sometimes are completely unknown. These problems are already a responsibility. We do not, however, always use valid documents company Dubai, but it is still easy for the data center to see from which country all the servers are controlled, and sometimes it decides on this issue.

2- The services will be purchased directly from the data center after your deposit, and the delivery of the data center will take between 1 hour to N.

3- We do not guarantee the quality of the services provided in any way. The quick problem, but keep in mind that we are not responsible for such problems and all companies are in the same procedure.

4- After paying on your behalf, we will buy the desired server after 5 minutes.

5- According to the rules of the data center, the use of servers for mining is prohibited in dedicated servers of different data centers.