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Extra IP

You can order Externa IPv4 add to VPS, 2$/IP price, IPv6 free extra up to 256.


The user can do anything on the VPS service, install OS, Restart, or…​

Customized VPS​

Our Client can add DISK, CPU, or IP to Server whenever needed.

Features of all VPS

Operating Systems

What features does a virtual server have?

All VPS services provided are dedicated and sustainable resources.

Dedicated service resources

All VPS services provided are dedicated and sustainable resources.

Powerful firewall

Use hardware and software firewalls on our VPS  to prevent attacks. 

SrVPS cloud

What features does a virtual server have?

Better Security and faster Server

High performance without limitation in CPU based on fairly used

Unlimited clean traffic

All cloud services have unlimited traffic without estimation and limitation in communication-based on SLA

Fast start service

Your service launches in 55 seconds. Ready to use. SRVPS will send data to your email.

VPS Safe

Safe and secure

The priority of work is always to maintain the security and safety of data and user services, which is of the highest importance.

Automated Backup VPS

Auto Backup

VPS Regular and secure backup service with data encoding of users Can order backup solution for VPS on time management service

Support 24/7

Full-time support

The SRVPS Web Support Team, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no holiday, is ready to
respond to you.

Virtual server

A virtual private server is provided with two operating systems: Linux and Windows; If you need more possibilities in managing your websites and root access for the Linux server or admin access to the Windows server, buying a high-speed virtual server can be the best option for your business development. In addition to various operating systems, SRVPS  VPS server is offered in Europe, Asia, and America with uptime, quality, and high speed. Renting or buying the best VPS server at a reasonable price and high speed allows you to upgrade your hardware resources up to 32 CPU cores and 128 GB of RAM if you need more space with the help of cloud technology; By choosing a VPS server suitable for your needs, you can use SVPS’s new services.

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What is VPS?

What is VPS?

VPS, commonly used in English as a virtual server, is used to introduce this product to the world of information technology, which users have widely welcomed due to its many uses and benefits. In short, VPS is a part of the resources of a powerful server that is delivered to the user using a separate virtualizer and exclusively with a desired operating system. This service, like dedicated servers, has a dedicated operating system and accesses: admin and root, and you can install any software on your server. Unlike shared services, this service has a very high level of security, and you will no longer have problems with shared hosting.


The Linux virtual server is a VPS on which the Linux operating system is installed; This type of operating system has a command environment and does not have an interface or a graphical appearance, although it is possible to launch Gnome and KDE user interfaces to make it easier to use. Users use the secure SSH protocol to connect to Linux servers. Some Linux distributions are CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian, one of the most famous of which users welcome is VPS Kali Linux.
Linux operating system can generally be more secure than Windows, which is clear: this operating system is implemented based on Unix, so only the admin or administrator can access kernel data. Buying Asia and Germany Linux VPS with high speed is suitable for hosting websites under PHP and allows using MySQL database and open source scripts. It is possible to run web services such as Apache, Lite speed, and Nginx on Linux servers.

Linux Server
Windows VPS cheap


VPS windows; is a server where You can use Microsoft’s exclusive Windows and services such as RDP. This operating system only allows the use of programs that are the product of this company or approved and supported by Microsoft, but still an environment for testing and troubleshooting software. It is also different. Windows versions of the provided servers include Windows2012, Windows2019, and Windows2022. Purchase of Windows virtual server; It is suitable for hosting websites under ASP programming language and provides the possibility of using the MSSQL database and IIS web service, which are services of Microsoft company.
The best Windows VPS can access your server through FTP (file transfer protocol), and unlike the Linux virtual server, there is no SSH. Europe, Asia, and American Windows VPS are managed through the powerful and smooth Plesk control panel. Among the applications of Windows virtual servers, we can mention the use of Asp and Asp.net programmers.


By renting high-speed SRVPS virtual servers, after determining the desired system type (Windows or Linux) and the required hardware resources, along with determining the geographical location inside or outside, a high-speed VPS will be provided to you personally, with access Just like your personal computer, you can use the facilities of a server. By purchasing the best SRVPS virtual private server, you will have ADMIN and ROOT access in Linux and Windows operating systems, allowing you to install the necessary software and test and troubleshoot software. With a dedicated and fixed IP, you can enter All commercial, educational and corporate sites. It is possible to access high-speed VPS through the Internet and as a console, with the help of software such as Remote Desktop, using VNC in the SRVPS panel, and through SSH access for Linux servers.

Access VPS
Application VPS


If you have an online store or a site with high monthly visits and traffic that needs more storage space and more powerful hardware resources than shared hosting, buying a VPS will be the right solution. Due to powerful and high-quality hardware equipment, a high-speed and robust virtual server for virtual schools and online classes provides the best performance in this field compared to other shared services. You can get a VPS instead of shared hosting if you need a mail server that does not limit the number of emails sent daily. You can easily use virtual servers due to the restrictions in shared hosting.

Features and benefits

Among the features provided to you by purchasing a virtual server or VPS, we can mention essential things that will play a significant role in the performance and service level. The high speed of VPS due to the use of powerful resources and standard infrastructures and a 24-hour connection to a high-speed external or internal Internet can increase the efficiency of your business and services, and besides, a VPS with high security in authority. The price of VPS is more appropriate than that of dedicated servers. It can be effective in the discussion of capital management. Also, with complete control of these servers, it is possible to turn off or on and install or delete data and operating system information without any restrictions. Space and support Can use VPS for mail servers, and the ability to use VPS as a mail server are other features of this service.

possibility Server Customize


SRVPS offers the possibility of using its powerful hardware in most of the virtual server services. Among the features of the SRVPS virtual server, we can mention the cloud server panel, which has made it easy for users to manage the service because it includes features such as connecting to VPS through VNC, monitoring service resources and traffic consumption, the ability to change passwords and setup or Shutting down the server, changing the operating system and hardware resources in the least possible time is one of the popular features of this panel.

Virtual server price

VPS price; As explained in the previous sections, you will buy a virtual server when you need higher and more dedicated resources or higher access than a host, naturally to buy a high-speed VPS, due to the more features that Compared to shared hosting, you will have to pay a higher fee. However, if you compare the price of a VPS with a dedicated server, if you do not insist that all resources are exclusive, it will be more cost-effective. As a result, by spending less money than buying a dedicated server, by purchasing a suitable VPS, you can easily Use the advantages of a server.

VPS Pricing
What is virtualizer

What is a virtualizer?

Virtualization is a technology that replaces the operating system and makes it possible to install several operating systems on the same hardware. This technology and infrastructure are usually based on Linux, but in Windows, it is also accessible by Hyper-v; in hosting companies, it is generally from KVM. VMware and ESXi are used for virtualization. Virtualization and providing high-speed servers with different operating systems have made renting and buying VPS affordable and economical and is a helpful step in this field.

Control panel

Buying a high-speed virtual server is done with different control panels; depending on the type of VPS operating system, the best control panel for each one is different. CPanel, Direct Admin, and Webmain control panels are used for Linux VPS, and website and Plesk control panels are used for Windows virtual servers. All these control panels are web-based and provide functionality and management according to the operating system type. Their environment is user-friendly and modular, which is supplied with high security.

Cloud service
Free backup space

Backup space

The backup space in SRVPS VPS is 40 GB of free storage space, which SRVPS will provide you, along with purchasing the virtual server. You can prepare a backup file and manage the copies of your data and server information by using the space to the cup through FTP access. Dear users are responsible for managing this space and can easily use this feature.


24/7 support for the users of SRVPS virtual servers has provided the ability for the technical and support team to be with you at all times and to answer your questions as soon as possible if you have any questions or problems working with VPS so that you can have the best use and experience of working with SRVPS services without any issues.

Support time
Security Service


The security of the virtual server is provided by the use of powerful hardware and software firewalls in reliable data centers, however, paying attention to important things from the user’s side, such as: installing original and reliable software, changing the password, then By purchasing SRVPS VPS, you can close the default server ports, make a backup copy of your files and information, remove unsafe software, activate the firewall of the operating system. In addition to maintaining VPS login details, pay attention. In order to increase the security of virtual servers, consider the principles of password determination and do not use unsafe and easy passwords.

Why virtual server SRVPS?

VPS SRVPS; Undoubtedly, the most critical factor in choosing a VPS is the user’s trust in the service provider. Because in these services, despite the existence of an independent operating system and software, users use shared hardware and have brought this importance with the help of its outstanding technology, which is finally the continuous study, the use of thousands of related scientific articles, and the dedication of hundreds of hours of intensive scientific work.

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